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The things to consider when buying a suit

Here is our quick and helpful guide of 4 things we think you should consider and discuss with your tailor before you invest in a bespoke suit

Fabric quality

The quality of fabric you choose for your suit can make or break it! You want a fabric that isn’t just a stunning cloth but has useful quality’s such as breathability and warmth as well as looking good for years to come, and being on-trend every time you pull it out of your wardrobe.

Discussing your fabric needs with your tailor is the best way of getting exactly what you want, as they will understand quality’s, weaves and weights as well as different yarns: wools, cotton, cashmere, flannel and tweed to name a few.

Shape and style

It’s great if you come to your first consultation with an idea of what you are looking for, whether that’s colour, shape or fabric, but if you have no idea that’s fine too. Our tailoring consultants will help you through the process to make your perfect suit.

If you have no idea and are thinking of investing it’s worth starting to look at different styles, whether that’s double or single-breasted, wide or classic lapels and what style pockets you are after. It’s also the small details like this that make a suit your own.


Length is something that can be worked out with your tailor in the fittings but it’s something that we think is definitely worth thinking about before we start the process.

We need to find where you like your trouser to finish as well as your jacket and cuffs, it’s worth putting on a suit that you like the fit and length of and seeing where it falls, then we can make sure your new suit is comfortable and exactly how you want it.


Some may think that the colour of your suit is the most important decision to make but it’s just one of many that are taken to make your suit exactly how you like it.

But colour and pattern is a great way to add an extra flare of your personality and style to your bespoke suit, discuss with your tailor what you are looking for and they are sure to find something that fits your taste.  

Talking to one of our tailoring consultants about what you are looking for in a bespoke suit is a great place to start when thinking about investing so get in contact with us.

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