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With the inevitable schedule of summer events looming, it’s time to break out of your woollen fabric, dark coloured comfort zone. You want your warm weather suit to work hard all season, so here’s how to navigate summer tailoring without breaking a sweat…

eeing your friend or loved one tie the knot can be a minefield in terms of dress. If in doubt always err on the side of formal (unless the event calls for a full morning suit) but make sure you’re not upstaging the groom. Choose linen, cotton or a mid-weight wool to ensure you stay cool at the reception, and a fine check or neutral shade like khaki or grey. This combination will stand you in good stead in the coming months; add a bright shirt if you’re craving colour.

Garden Party
Depending on the dress code, a garden party offers a little more room for creativity than a wedding. If a jacket is a must, pair your tailor made suit jacket with slacks to achieve casual elegance, or choose an impeccably cut sports coat. The garden party is also an opportunity to break out your vintage-inspired accessories, but stick to a few choice details to avoid going over the top; nobody wants to look like they’ve raided the costume department.

The Races
Provided you’re not at Ascot’s royal enclosure, race day dressing need only be as complicated as you make it. The aforementioned linen or cotton suit in a neutral shade, paired with a crisp shirt and a neatly knotted tie can’t fail for nonchalant elegance. The devil’s in the detail and the ladies in your enclosure will be dressed in their best accessories, so break away from the pack with a chalky or pastel-coloured shirt and a favourite tie pin or pocket square.

The Business Trip
Not so much of an issue in winter, arriving at your destination comfortable and crease-free can be a challenge when travelling in the summer months. If you are a frequent flyer it’s worth investing in crease-resistant fabric – your tailor can advise. Plus, make sure you wear your suit jacket to the airport so you can hang it up on the plane; you’ll breeze through arrivals without having to worry about covering up with a coat.

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