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“The style icon that is Matthew McConaughey”

First gaining notice as a 24-year-old for his role in ‘Dazed and confused’ 1993 he has been loved by fans ever since.

McConaughey most definitely should have a trophy for being a style icon of the 21st century.

Red carpet looks

Here are our top three McConaughey red carpet looks.

Left: 2014 Golden Globes wearing Dolce & Gabbana Emerald green velvet blazer with black peak lapels and bow tie.

Centre:  2014 Critics’ Choice Awards wearing Lanvin silk tuxedo paired with a silver houndstooth blazer and black satin lapels.

Right: 2013 Wolf of Wall Street NY premier wearing Brunello Cuccinelli two button suit

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The Stetson

Perhaps because he is a born and bred Texan, McConaughey is one of the few men in the world that can seriously pull off a Stetson.

His best film looks

Left: The Gentlemen – Set in the UK with McConaughey playing a drug lord who dressed in impeccable English bespoke suits.  “His costumes show a modern take on classic English tailoring — extremely high quality but with a younger, less constrictive vibe” Costume designer – Michael Wilkinson.

Using windowpane and Prince of Wales checks woven from wools, cashmere and silk, McConaughey was dressed to impress.

He also liked the suits so much he took them home with him

Centre: Dallas Buyers Club – With its mid 80’s wardrobe we still think McConaughey looks stylish in jeans, boots, white t-shirt and Stetson.

Right: Wolf of Wall Street – Set on 80s wall street McConaughey wears an Armani dark chalk – stripe, double breasted suit with extravagant lapels, a striped blue shirt and a red patterned power tie.

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Street style

Matthew McConaughey looks pretty good in his films but he’s also extremely cool when he’s just walking down the street.  Here are our some of our favourites of his everyday outfits.

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Matthew McConaughey is a true style icon that we can take inspiration from when we are dressing up for events as well as in our everyday outfits.

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