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The shape of your work wardrobe in 2021

Who knows what’s going to be happening in 2021, but it is likely that we won’t be back in the office full time. This makes us have to think about what our new work wardrobe is going to look like.

And how to dress the smart casual dress code for zoom calls and online meetings. Smart casual work dress code has always felt more complicated than it should be.

Mr Porter says “An ideal answer is a blazer, white shirt, neat jeans, and brown loafers”



Keep it classic

Definitely don’t opt for your lounge wear but also no need for the full 3 piece suit. You’re working from home looks should be a comfortable balance of feeling and looking great with an element of comfort.

Try combining suit trousers with a pair of brogues and a polo shirt. Its smart but not office smart.


Go for Quality

Even though you might be sat in your office at home good quality pieces shows sophistication and knowing you’re wearing something well-made will help ensure you’re at ease whatever the social situation.

Buy quality pieces which can be dressed up and down. An Oxford Cloth Button Down, a bespoke polo shirt or beautiful knitwear are great choices.

Good quality choices mean that you will never feel under dressed. 




Good Jeans are generally perfectly acceptable as long as they are dark and un distressed.  But there is always a risk when wearing them. If you’re unsure, try and stick to chinos or a pair of tailored flannel trousers.

But this won’t matter as much if you’re doing online calls, as only your shirt is visible.



We have all changed over the last year

2020 will definitely be a year to remember.

Whether you had a long time off, being furloughed doing not very much or you worked right through, 2020 has seen us all change our lifestyles.  This includes our lack of gym regime during lockdown or our new found energy to get fit.

Whether you put on weight during lockdown or shredded the pounds, your 2021 wardrobe needs to feel right for you. Our tailors can helps re fit your suits and clothes to your new body shape, which will make you feel confident in your own skin as well as assist you in looking for new pieces for your wardrobe to get you ready for what 2021 will bring us.


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