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The rise in casual suits

Working from home is the new norm. A quality casual wardrobe has become most people’s every day, which includes a casual suit.  The causal suit is a phenomenon that has rocketed due to lockdown and covid, you still wouldn’t be seen in one for most smart occasions but in the relaxed company of friends or maybe even now a normal day at the office, they are more than acceptable.

We often see more casual suits in the summer because in the winter you are looking for heavier fabrics like wool to keep you warm and you find these in traditional suits.

Here are a few of our favourite casual suit styles.

The cotton chino

Chinos are one of the main features in most smart casual wardrobes and adding a matching jacket is a perfect combination. Cut in a mid-weight cotton cloth, allows it to be perfect for the summer weather as well as making the suit hard-wearing and giving that signature crisp hand feel.

Khaki colours or blue are your best choices when it comes to this style and is easy to pair with everything, from a shirt and tie to a T-shirt.

Unstructured linen

The top choice for summer fabric, linen is a natural fibre and is often woven with a loose weave allowing the fabric to be very breathable and perfect for the warmer months

The unstructured tailoring compliments the fabric due to linen not holding its shape because of its open weave, it still got your traditional tailoring features and detail but is much more suitable for movement, heat and casual situations.

Autumnal tones are really excellent in this style including tobacco, greens and olives and we love to see a double-breasted but that all depends on your personal choice.


This fabric might not be for everyone but if you are into your summer vibes then listen up because this has got to be one of our favourites and fits into the casual suit category as well.

Seersucker fabric is born from haberdashers in New Orleans USA in 1909 but it took off in the Uk after The Duke of Windsor wore a 2 piece seersucker suit on his holiday in the French Rivera in the 1940s.  

Its’ been known for being flamboyant but its lightweight texture and natural fibre lend it to a summer casual, and the pastel tones that it is traditionally known for are perfect for weddings, holidays, or even the office on a sunny day.

Let us know your favourite casual suit and if you are interested in investing in one, contact one of our tailoring consultants who will be more than happy to help.

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