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The return to work: How to create the perfect wardrobe when you’re unsure of the dress code.

With everyone heading back to the office even if it’s for only a couple of days a week, we are noticing things have changed including more relaxed dress codes.

Here is our simple guide to help you work out what you actually need to be wearing.

Some of you will still be wearing your tailored 2 piece and 3 piece suits which won’t have changed but others might have to make their wardrobe a lot more smart casual. Some of you might also be really excited about putting your suit back on and dressing up again but others might be dreading it.

Creative office

If you are going back to creative office layering is a good option because if you end up too smart you can just take a layer off.

opt for a t-shirt with a good pair of trousers and an over shirt or blazer. Pair this with a basic pair of shoes such a Clarks originals or smart trainers.

Formal office

A bit tricker to navigate due to certain rules that you must adhere to. In situation where you are meeting clients you might still have to wear your suit.

But when it comes to splitting work from home and the office we recommend wearing pieces such as an unlined blazer with smart but not suit trousers with a leather belt and either a polo or button down shirt – Don’t wear a T-shirt. 

The key to this is dress smart on your first day back and gage the rest of the office to see what level they are on and then you can adjust your outfit for the next day accordingly.

If you are unsure have a chat to one of our tailoring consultants and discuss your needs and wardrobe with them.

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