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The process of creating your bespoke suit here at Fielding & Nicholson


The initial consultation with our highly skilled Tailoring Consultants normally last up to an hour in total and begins with a chat about your current your wardrobe and what your current needs areas well as discussing any future changes in your wardrobe. This helps us get to grips with what pieces we need to help you add to your wardrobe.

If you want a more basic consultation we can simply talk about what you are looking for in a suit and what environment you would need a bespoke suit for, this helps us understand what styles would be best for you and what type of fabric would be best.



Style and cloth choices

Once needs and wants have been established in what style you are looking for such as a double breasted suit ,a  wedding suit or everyday business style.  it is on to looking through relevant cloths for your specific purpose.

Whether it be a waterproof wool, a heavy weight tweed or a super fine elegant cashmere blend, our skilled tailors will know exactly how to advise you. When making the choices around your tailor made suits, we will often match up shirts and ties for you to see possible outfits.

We can also direct you to one of our package options to save time and hassle, ensuring your needs are satisfied all in one go.



Our tailors are dedicated to precision when it comes to made to measure suits. When the wardrobe analysis and cloth choice is complete it is then on to a detailed measurement and advice segment wherein we will take into account every aspect of your physique to ensure the best possible fit.

This will look at your shoulder height, positioning of your head for example, width and depth of your body and any other elements of your physique which should be taken into account.

Overall 15+ measurements will be taken, as well as photographs, to ensure nothing is missed.

These measurement will then be taken to our expert tailor who will transfer these measurements to your chosen fabric and create the shape for your suit, depending on which range you have chosen: icon, Gallery or Elegance.




We are specific with our fits, and ensure that we get it right with your bespoke suits.

This can take on 3 different formats depending upon which level of design you opt for in the initial stages.

The Icon range is our entry level made to measure. We take your measurements and then the suit is laser cut and made to finish. If there are any alterations needed we then do it at our studio after the fitting. The main difference between this and the gallery range is that we don’t do a try-on fitting.

The Gallery range is our premium made-to-measure collection. As well as measurements we ask you to put on a try-on garment in this meeting, so we can take into account your body shape and eliminate any configuration issues before the suit is made. Your pattern will be adjusted and when we bring the suit to you only minor tweaks will be required.

The Elegance range, our Savile Row experience with our master tailor Raymond.

We take your measurements, give them to Raymond and he then hand draws your original pattern and chalks it onto the fabric.

This is then cut out and hand-stitched together, along with the chest canvas and padding. We then bring the suit to you for the first fitting. We’ll pin it and chalk any minor alterations and take it back to Raymond where it’s then completely taken apart, re-cut with any of the minor tweaks and made to finish.

We also do bespoke Zoom fittings for remote workers, this will includes a conversation about style and cloths as well as one of our expert Tailors helping you though taking the measurements we need to create your suit.



Package options

Package One:

Our entry level package and tends to be the most popular for clients who are new to tailoring or have yet to experience our brand.

We recommend this for individuals who are typically junior in their career and would like to get a good feel for everything we have to offer.

This package includes 2 suits (or smart casual combinations), 4 shirts and 4 ties (or the equivalent)

Package Two:

This is our corner stone package and is relevant for clients who may be more advanced in their careers.

The advantage of this ensemble is that it gives you a week’s worth of clothing, bearing in mind the option of one dress-down day.

This package includes 4 suits (or smart casual combinations), 8 shirts and 8 ties (or the equivalent).

Package Three:

This is our most extensive package, covering two weeks’ worth of business and/or smart casual wear.

It really is a comprehensive collection of items, ensuring every possible avenue of dress is covered from business wear to smart/casual to formal attire.

This package includes 8 suits (or smart casual combinations), 16 shirts and 16 ties (or the equivalent).

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