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The perfect suits for a summer wedding guest

The 1st step in finding a suit for a wedding is to find out if they have a dress code, then do a bit of research into said dress code and find something within it that would suit your style.

Dress codes make it easier because you have guidelines, when people don’t have one you sometimes feel out of your depth when choosing what to wear.

The most common wedding dress codes are black tie, cocktail and casual. And then there are many variations in-between, we’ve got guides to most of these in your journal, which are definitely worth taking a look at.

Black Tie wedding

An easy dress code as it has strict guidelines: black jacket (we would recommend a tux) black trousers, white shirt and black bow tie.

This is something that you can hire, which is well worth it if you don’t think it’s likely that you will be wearing a tux often.

Our favourite (That can work for most dress codes)

One of our go-to wedding guest suits at the moment has to be for a smart casual dress code, especially for the summer.

Pair casual trousers with a smart ensemble on top. Navy washed jeans, with a cream waistcoat and jacket, white shirt and pale coloured tie is an amazing combination for a wedding in the sun.  

This can be a bit of a mix and match with your existing suits and casual pieces such as flannel or tailored pant to make it a bit smarter.


The destination wedding, somewhere hot has to have a linen suit to accompany you.

Perfect for the hot climate allowing you not to overheat when waiting for the ceremony the linen suit is perfect. It’s smart without being restrictive and can come in some fantastic colours depending on your style.

let us know if you need help deciding on a wedding suit for this summer whether you are a room or guest.

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