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The Need for Tweed in 2024

Tweed’s roots trace back to the landscapes of Scotland and Ireland in the 18th century. The name “tweed” is believed to originate from the River Tweed on the Scottish Borders.

Tweed was traditionally used for outdoor clothing, usually associated with the work class such as farmers as it was a very durable fabric which could typically withstand lots of elements. Tweeds duarability is due to it’s tightly woven structure as this allows for great insulation. Another fun fact is that tweeds natural fibres have ‘moisture-wicking’ properties this means it keeps you warm and dry as absorbes all the moisture.

Tweed became popular in the 19th century and was associated  with the British aristocracy as it has been favoured and worn by many strong British public figures throughout history, especially gaining popularity when Queen Victoria herself started wearing it, and this really started the movement of tweed and trust of the fabrication.

There is a reason tweed is still very current and popular as it allows a touch of sophistication and class. Tweed is often used due it’s timeless appeal shown over the years of never really going out of fashion, for this reason designers use tweed as you can play with the material in the  modern ways however still adapting on traditional contempary styles.

I mean we still love tweed here, do you?

Whether for its rustic charm or as a nod to heritage, tweed remains a loved textile in our wardrobe, is it in yours?

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