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The linen suit – Annoying or a necessary staple

Most men’s suits become too hot for the spring and summer seasons because of the heavy fabrics that we most commonly use.

This is where the linen suit fits in perfectly.

An alternative for all occasions, smart or casual depending on how you wear it.

Some shy away from a linen suit, seeing it as too crease prone and are not sure about the lightweight look.  But it’s actually much easier to wear than you might think.

The natural fibre means that the longer you have your suit the softer and shinier it becomes as it relaxes to your body and movement.

Linen is characterised by its creased and slightly crumpled look.

 Its aesthetic is natural so embrace that into your style.

Love that more relaxed vibe, which also means it’s great for smart casual events (always a hard dress code).

Made from a natural fibre produced from the flax plant, linen has a loose weave and low thread count which gives it its distinct breathability and light weight feel.

 Perfect for hot days.

With our climate changing and predictions of more warm weather, make the linen suit part of your wardrobe.

Even on the hottest day, linen will mean you stay cool and look good. 

Contact us now for your own bespoke linen suit in the comfort of our luxury Dormeuil showroom.

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