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The humble overshirt, an all year round staple

There aren’t many pieces in your wardrobe which you would say you can wear all year round in every season. Maybe a great fitting pair of denim jeans or a well-made oxford cloth button shirt. But you could definitely say an overshirt fits the bill.

Super versatile, great for layering for warmth in the winter or as a light jacket for the summer to keep you warm as you sit outside having drinks late into the evening.

They are truly the pinacol of your casual wardrobe and  If you’ve not invested yet, why not?  

overshirts for summer and winter

The best overshirts fall between a lightweight jacket and a heavy shirt, with an iconic shirt collar, patch pocket and a slightly looser cut than your average shirt.

The main reason for buying an overshirt is just the versatility, it can be worn so much more frequently than many other things in your wardrobe being able to be dressed up, dressed down, used in different seasons, for example, layered with t-shirts or knitwear depending on the temperature.

It should become one of your basics, an all-rounder like the humble t-shirt

all season overshirts

The overshirts fit should depend on what you are layering it with (as you never wear an overshirt by itself) if you want to put it over a T-shirt in the summer then a slim fit is a great option. But if you want to layer it with more chunky options look for something cut a bit bigger so your layering doesn’t look bulky.

Heavy wool, denim or thick drill cotton are great fabric choices for winter whilst lighter cotton, linens or technical fabrics are more of a summer choice.

If you want to wear it year-round look for a cotton twill as it has the best of both.

mens overshirt

There are so many styles of overshirts: some that look just like shirts, some with poppers, some with no collars, some with embellishment and poppers.

You’ve just got to find the right style for you. But our advice is to go for something paired back and minimal.

Colour is also a very individual choice, whether you want bright bold patterns or a muted block colour, find something that’s right for your style and wardrobe.


It’s worth having a look at some of your style icon’s you follow and see what shape, colour and fabric they go for in their overshirts.

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