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The ever-elegant style of Bill Nighy

The acclaimed British actor is not only renowned for his captivating performance on the screen and stage but also just as he walks down the street in our great city of London in a well-thought-out sleek outfit.

Tailoring is one of his key go-to style inspirations he generally pecs outfits together around tailored pieces such as perfectly cut blazers or impeccably tailored trousers. He definitely prefers a more structured style of tailoring as this highlights his features and refined taste.

This is such a skill to have in menswear dressing as being able to build an outfit around one specific piece allows you to elevate your look and appear polished and well put together.

You don’t often see Nighy in an outfit that doesn’t have a beautifully made and fitted shirt on. This is almost a must in his looks. But having such a piece in your wardrobe allows you to always look sophisticated and smart even in a more casual setting. It’s about learning how to dress down or up your pieces depending on the day, occasion, and weather.

We know a lot of his shirts come from the classic British designer Margaret Howell.

Nighy is also a monochromatic dresser, you don’t see also of bright patterns or colours, he generally sticks to blues and greys but don’t get us wrong his looks are not boring in any way, they are classic and sleek.

He has a wardrobe that is full of versatile pieces that can be put together in any combination rather than having stand-alone pieces that only go with a few things.

It’s a capsule wardrobe done very well.

He is also very good at accessories in a very relaxed way. If you look at his style you will often see scarves, pocket squares and unbuttoned collars giving a look of effortless nonchalance. This is also true in the fact that a lot of his pieces and accessories are vintage or well-looked-after pieces that he has worn for decades. He is obviously very good at delving into vintage stores and markets to find treasures.

To take inspiration from the great Bill Nighy is to have confidence in what you are wearing, his clothes are an extension of his self-assurance about what he likes to wear and what he knows he looks good in. Take a leaf out of his book!  

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