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The best winter coats to invest in

It’s finally got cold in the Uk and a few of us have even seen a bit of snow so it’s time to talk about winter coats worth investing in.

Woollen Overcoat

The smart business option is definitely a wool overcoat, classic and stylish and will be perfect to come out of the wardrobe year in and year out.

You can have it in muted tones such as greys, navy and black to suit your aesthetic but you could also go for bright wools such as beige, camel or greens.

The options for the fabric are also endless, you could even look at the futuristic fabrics that are water-repellent so you can survive the British rain but the coat will still look and feel like your classic winter wool.

You can obviously find lovely woollen overcoats on the Highstreet but if you are looking for something a bit different that will fit you perfectly then tailor-made is the way to go.

Puffer Jackets

The puffer coat is a great versatile coat that will keep you warm, dry and on-trend with menswear style. There are many versions in the market with different shapes and fabrics but when looking make sure it is waterproof or at least showerproof and is either real down feathers or synthetic (There are other fillings out there but only these 2 will keep you really warm)

We would also recommend going for natural tones when picking colours as it will go with more outfits.

On the lower end of the market is Uniqlo – they have great options that are really good quality. They offer different weights in down and different levels of waterproof.  (Uniqlo puffer jackets)

On the high end of the market would be Rains, known for their waterproof macs, Rains have branched out to make puffer jackets and they are beautiful as well as extremally functional. (Rains Puffer jackets)

Pea coat

The pea coat originates in the British and American Navy, it is generally worn in a Navy blue and is characterized by its shorter length and a traditional overcoat, broad lapels, double-breasted front, large buttons and vertical slash pockets.

It’s a great classical piece but is slightly less formal than a full-length overcoat and often has a wider variety of colours compared to the overcoat.

It is a great choice if you are looking for a coat that straddles the smart casual border and has great styling options that you could change with your tailor to fit your style. Such as colour, buttons, lapel depth and shape and pockets.

Waterproof mac

If you are looking for something that will definitely keep you dry in the rain then a Waterproof mac is perfect. It will 100% keep you dry and can come in a whole range of colours. Your best places to get them would-be Rains or Mackintosh.

The only downside is that they are not breathable so if you are getting on the tube and are going to sweat the moisture will stay inside the coat.

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