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Tailoring trends for 2023

We have had a look at some of the trends forecasted for 2023 and although some of them are very out of this world we think there are a few that are relevant to sartorial styling.

If you want to stay on trend with your suit this year then have a look at these four styles.

The tie certainly isn’t dead

Most workplaces have had a re-vamp of the dress code to make it more smart-casual since covid and this has meant there has been a massive decline in the wearing of ties (which we think is a huge shame) but there is hope for the future as the humble tie has been forecasted as a top trend for menswear in 2023.

Rather than being used in formal styling the ties on the runway were awash with colours and patterns, especially stripes and pastels mixed with more smart casual looks.

So fingers crossed we might be seeing the tie back on our streets in a completely new way.

Could purple be your colour

Purple is one of those colours which is hard to style. In menswear, you mostly see it as a pastel lilac in the summer for shirts and suits but as the purple shade gets darker it gets harder to pull off.

But if you’ve always loved the colour purple and have wanted to suit made in a bold colour then maybe now is the time as it is going to be one of the big trends for 2023.

You’ve also got the options of a purple check and stripe which could have a subtle hint of colour.

Ask your tailoring consultants to show you what options they have in the colour and you just might find the perfect cloth.

Stripes are in

Stripes are a wonderful print for menswear in T-shirts and jumpers but not often in tailoring as they can sometimes be too bold. But we can’t forget pinstripes or a subtle single-thread weave with stripes going through it.

You can’t be put off by the idea of your suit being too loud because there are so many more subtle alternatives to choose from that are still on trend just ask your tailoring consultant.

No shirt needed

Now, this might just be for parties and definitely not for everyone but the trend for 2023 is to have no shirt under your suit or blazer.

It’s becoming more and more popular on the red carpets and styles like this do often trickle down into streetwear.

We are most definitely not saying don’t wear a shirt to the office but maybe to a party?

Let us know what you think of this one.

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