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Any stylish dresser will tell you that the details are all-important, and at Fielding & Nicholson these are a source of great attention and pride. From source material to finished garment, our bespoke tailoring combines passion, knowledge and careful finessing of the finer points that make up a great a suit.

Naturally, it all starts with cloth. Provenance is all-important, and we take pride in supporting the greatest products produced in our green and pleasant land, to ensure the suiting we supply is authentically British. Fielding & Nicholson carefully sources the finest materials from the excellently pedigreed mills in Humberstone, Yorkshire, and distinguished British cloth merchants such Scabal, Dormeuil, Dugdales and Hunt & Winterbotham. The result is stylish contemporary tailoring with an innate heritage that links it with the history of great London suiting.

The client is measured in a consultation, in which approximately 15 measurements are taken, and suiting preferences are dictated many aspects of the clothing can be adjusted to taste, from material and cut to the number of pockets and buttons, trimmings such as canvases and linings, and also of course the shape of the garments. In each case we’ve put a great deal of time and passion into providing the individual components of the highest luxury and sartorial merit for you to choose from.

With your measurements taken down, the master cutter Raymond chalks and divides the cloth in our well appointed Liverpool Street workshop. The pieces are carefully fitted with the desired trimmings and constructed into what is known as a baste garment. This is tried on and adjusted where necessary, taking into account finer variables such as the wearer’s posture. Changes that might seem infinitesimal to the untrained eye are made and re-checked in a painstaking process that makes the difference between a good suit and an item of the utmost luxury.

At the very end of the chain, the suit must pass the exacting standards of the master tailor in order to be finished, and this is where the attention to detail comes to fruition in delivering a finished product that lives up to the Fielding & Nicholson brand values. An attention to detail that verges on fanatical is what it takes to reach very pinnacle of fine tailoring; and this is what Fielding & Nicholson provides, upholding great British sartorial traditions in a stylishly contemporary way.

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