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Sweaters and how to pair them with your suit for colder weather

Even though spring is here, we have still had some very cold days, including snow!

With plans to leave the house and head back to the office, sweaters should be an essential part of your outfit.

The right style

A V neck is the perfect choice to go over a shirt and under a jacket.  It’s formal and shows just enough of your tie to still be a workwear piece.

You could also opt for a cardigan which would replace your jacket.  But make sure to choose a formal style with a low dip which will be proportional with your tie.

A crew neck is also great but is better in a smart casual outfit paired with chinos and denim.

Colours and knit

Consider your colour choice just as you would when choosing your tie. Think – ‘will it go with my suit?’  Add contrast but don’t go overboard.

As it’s a work outfit aim to keep your colour choice to neutral tones such as navy, black and grey.  These all come in multiple shades so you will still have a huge amount of choice.

When it comes to knit size make sure to avoid anything chunky because it will just look too bulky under your jacket.

Keep to the fine gauge knits and softer wools such as Merion and cashmere.  These may seem thin but they are very warm.

Our favourite pieces


V Neck

Roll Neck

polo sweater

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