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Sunglasses – The spring accessory

As the season changes and the sun is visible in the sky for longer, sunglasses aren’t just an aesthetic accessory.  They are extremally practical for low sun, particularly when driving or in the early evening.

Here are some of our favourite styles for spring 2021

The classic Aviators

 Designed in 1936, the appeal of the ‘aviators’ is timeless.  They have held their place in fashion over the years and are totally trend-proof.

The signature tear drop lenses were designed to help pilots with the headaches induced from the glare of the sun at altitude. Worn by icons such as Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson they became a fashion accessory for the masses, and who could forget the 1980’s cool of ‘Top Gun’ and LT Pete “Maverick” Mitchell (Tom Cruise)


A staple Ray-Ban style ‘Clubmasters’ are inspired by the 1950’s with a vintage but timeless. minimalistic sleek design.

Perfect in black or tortoise shell, with a reflective or plain glass lenses, they really do go with anything you wear with and add an air of sophistication.

This style is a real favourite with its retro vibe.

Retro inspired

Oversized and overtly chic, futuristic wrap around styles are a huge trend this year. Big glasses from the 80s and 90s are not necessarily for everyone but if you can pull them off, do so!

Have a look at these cool styles

As a rule, always consider your face shape and what looks good on YOU!

The soft curves of a rounder frame lend themselves of square faces.  Square or rectangular frames triangular work well for those of us with heart shaped faces.

If you’re not sure what to go for, stick to something classic like the Clubmasters in either tortoise shell or black.

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