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Summer suit styles for 2023

With summer on the way we thought we would have a think about our summer wardrobe and what suits we will be dusting off or possibly purchasing a new one for the return of the sunshine, as well as summer menswear trends that you should be investing in.  

If you are thinking about investing in a new summer suit here are our top  summer suit styles and fabrics, perfect for all occasions and a few trends which think are worth looking into this year


The Linen suit

Linen is the fabric you most relate to when you think of a summer suit, it is lightweight and breathable which allows you to keep cool but still look smart and well-dressed during the summer heat. A linen suit is also a top choice for many summer weddings and formal events as they come in a huge range of colours such as blues, beiges and creams which are often popular.  

A lot of people shy away from linen due to its tendency to crease but we feel that when wearing linen you just have to embrace the creasing. Although if you do prefer linen which doesn’t crease as much we would advise you to opt for a tight weave which represents the look of cotton more than linen.


Another lightweight fabric preferred in the summer due to its breathability, seersucker can be identified by its distinct texture and weave which give it its summer casual look.

This fabric is also available in a library of colours but is often chosen in pastels such as baby blue, lilac and pink. Although it can be dressed up for formal events like weddings we wouldn’t recommend choosing this for your business summer suit as it feels too casual for the office.


Cotton is a fabric that can be worn year-round but is especially popular during the summer months. The fabric is known for its lightweight and comfortable properties and due to it being a natural fibre it is also breathable. It’s perfect for anything really, the office, events, everyday summer blazer or wedding suit, its versatility is endless. This helps when it comes in a  huge range of colours, weaves and thicknesses.

If in doubt cotton is your best choice.

All of these fabrics have a huge range of styling options such as they can be dressed up with a crisp shirt and smart shoes for more formal events or paired with a T-shirt and sneakers for a much. More casual relaxed look.

Menswear summer trends

The tie certainly isn’t dead

Most workplaces have had a re-vamp of the dress code to make it more smart-casual since covid and this has meant there has been a massive decline in the wearing of ties (which we think is a huge shame) but there is hope for the future as the humble tie has been forecasted as a top trend for menswear in 2023.

Rather than being used in formal styling the ties on the runway were awash with colours and patterns, especially stripes and pastels mixed with more smart casual looks.

So fingers crossed we might be seeing the tie back on our streets in a completely new way.

Stripes are in

Stripes are a wonderful print for menswear in T-shirts and jumpers but not often in tailoring as they can sometimes be too bold. But we can’t forget pinstripes or a subtle single-thread weave with stripes going through it.

You can’t be put off by the idea of your suit being too loud because there are so many more subtle alternatives to choose from that are still on trend just ask your tailoring consultant.

We know it’s only April but it is time to start thinking about your summer wardrobe, here is a basic list of things to start thinking about:

  • What do you need to send to the dry cleaners
  • What do you need to give a dust off
  • What pieces do you need to add to your collection
  • And whether you need to replace any pieces like your old summer suit
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