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Summer accessories you should own

We’ve had a think from our own experience about the top 5 accessories we think you should own this summer, to keep you cool and looking great.

A summer scarf

There are definitely some bad outfits out there that include a summer scarf but the aim is to avoid the Austin powers look and go for something more French Rivera or European.

It needs to be a subtle accessory, no need for it to stand out ‘avoid if it could be labelled jazzy is a must’, definitely only wear it if it is adding to the look and opt for linen, silk or cotton in tonal shades.

Summer fragrance

We would like to think this accessory goes without saying. For summer put away your heavy musky fragrance and find something lighter and fresh, for example, citrus, juniper, cedar wood and vanilla.

No show socks

We do love a loafer or a slip-on shoe during the summer and we love showing a bit of ankle but we can’t face seeing them with bare feet in! no show socks are a must for your sock draw during the summer.

Also don’t go for cheap disposables go for quality that will last you, feel comfortable and help stop blisters.

Baseball cap

Hats are a must when it comes to sun and heat and the humble baseball cap just looks good on everyone.

The style helps regulates your body temperature, protects your face from sun damage and if worn and paired well with the outfit, looks great.


Now sandals can sometimes be tough to find in a style that suits you, but don’t power on with melting hot feet stuffed into trainers during the summer.

Try to avoid slides (keep them for sports and leisure) but do your research into brands that are on trend and that also fit your aesthetic, for example, Birkenstocks or Scarosso Antonio.

Let us know what your must-have accessories are during the summer.

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