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Suit and trainers – The new way to style the suit

With some suits becoming a thing of the past, wearing a great pair of trainers with the right suit can make it feel much younger and add a modern twist on the old classic.

Here are a few tips on how to pair trainers with your suit.

The right pair

With pairing any shoe to an outfit they have to work with the outfit and not against it. Modern trainers come in thousands of colours from neons to patchworks and tonal.

To pair with a classic tailored suit try to go for something classic like brown, navy, white or black. Remember the more timeless the design and colour the more often you will be able to pair it with outfits.


Here at Fielding & Nicholson, we are always talking about quality products and that is because they will last you double to time compared to a cheaper option, so invest! High-quality leather and workmanship are essential, it also allows you to transition from a casual situation to a smarter situation much more easily.

The modern look

Trainers might have only been allowed in the office on casual Fridays previously but they have worked themselves into our smarter wardrobe. There are studies that say casually dressed people appear more confident as they are wearing what they want to wear rather than being conformed to a dress code

If you do choose to wear trainers with your tailoring your suit should be a modern style, slim silhouette and single-breasted.


Why not accentuate the fact that you are wearing leather trainers by adding a piece of leather detail such as a briefcase or belt. It adds texture to your look as well as makes you look extremely well put together.   

Show some ankle

There is a trend for a high cut hem on trousers at the moment, paired with loafers or trainers. By getting your tailor to cut your trousers to just the right length you can show a bit of ankle and make your trainers a stand out feature.

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