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Stay warm and Stylish: Essential winter casual pieces

As the days grow shorter and the temperature and weather drops in the UK it’s time to bid farewell to your summer pieces. Prepare for cosy chilly days with key pieces that will keep you looking smart and warm, it’s time to invest in your winter casual pieces as well as seasonal staples.

The timeless overcoat

It’s a must-have for all well-dressed people (men and women) it’s a key piece of our wardrobe that holds the epitome of timeless sophistication, and it also has the ability to so easily elevate a look.

Opt for classic colours such as Navy, Charcoal grey or black as this is so easily paired with most pieces in your wardrobe. Also look for quality cloth, when going bespoke you have such a wide option for colours, fibres and weights. We would always recommend wool for our overcoats because it’s a durable fabric which will most definitely keep you warm.  

Versatile car coat

The perfect jacket to strike the balance between functionality and style. These mid-length coats are ideal for the autumn season as they keep you warm without feeling too bundled up with layers. We love them in waxed cotton or wool as these are the most stylish and traditional looks. They are also very practical pieces with multiple pockets and well-thought-out features. Try and look for neutral colours that will complement most of your existing wardrobe because they can be worn with almost anything.

Soft knitwear

You can’t think about the autumn-winter season without thinking about your key knitwear pieces, you should always have at least a couple of crew necks or V-necks depending on your style ready to pull out for layering in the cold.

If you can, always opt for wool and preferably cashmere or merino as this will be soft to the touch and will keep you well insulated.

Warm accessories

Accessorising in the winter we think is fun. Think about wool scarfs, leather driving gloves and even hats if you wish (we know these aren’t for everyone). If you do lean towards a more accessorised look then winter is when to do it because it can become part of your ‘layering’  to keep you warm.

Quality trousers

On the topic of investing in winter casuals you can’t skip over a good quality pair of trousers, whether these are flannel, wool trousers or bespoke denim jeans, quality speaks.

And when you are layering up in winter it’s time to show off these pieces.

If you need help with any styling or when it comes to winter dressing speak to one of our tailoring consultants who will be more than happy to help

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