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Some great puffer jackets that will see you through the winter

The often derided puffer jacket is not only stylish but incredibly functional, keeping you warm and dry in the cold Winter. And the feeling of a warm coat in the cold freezing winter cannot be rivalled.

The puffer coat is a piece of outerwear filled with insulation and is stitched with a baffle construction. The insulation is either synthetic down or natural feathers. Both keep you extremely warm.  

We have had a look at the styles that are available on the market right now and picked out a few of our favourites, not just for how they look but for functionality as well.


Rains is a brand well known for their waterproof outerwear especially their Macs but over the last couple of seasons that have branched into thicker down coats. All their styles are unisex and cover a range of styles. From long to short, hooded and unhooded as well as different shapes.

These simple styles but extremely well-made and functional jackets will set you back around £400 but in our opinion well worth the price.


Uniqlo is also a great option for a down puffer jacket, their jackets are filled with 90% synthetic down and 10% feathers they also have a large range of different weights in down depending on what you are looking for (Have a look at Uniqlo’s down collection for the huge range of styles they offer)

Whether you just want a padded Gillet or a full hooded jacket, Uniqlo is a really good place to start looking and with good prices.


Patagonia is a great outdoor brand especially if you are looking for a jacket that comes from an environmentally conscious brand. They have been making outdoor wear since the early 70s and has built themselves a reputation for great products.

Their jackets are designed with the cold in mind and they have a great range of styles from casual padded jackets to full Antarctic explorer style functional jackets.


WoolRich was established in 1830 in Pennsylvania USA, they have always had a passion for the outdoors and using the elements and the environment as a means of making better products. They are an iconic and trusted brand when it comes to outdoor wear.  

They have a range of weights for their down similar to Uniqlo so you can choose how warm and dense you want your jacket.

They also have a great collection of styles including long and short, hooded and nonhooded as well as colours and functionality.

A WoolRich jacket does come at the higher end of the market with jackets starting at around £600.

These are some of our favourite brands at the moment for padded winter jackets, but let us know what you think.

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