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Simple suit accessories to finish your look

Now you know how much we love sartorial style, whether that’s making it, styling it or discussing it but quite often we only speak about the suit itself and we should forget all the accessories that go with a great tailored look.

 So here are some simple yet effective suit accessories to elevate your look:


Ties and bow ties are the most common sartorial accessories that most of us wear in day-to-day bases. But there is such a huge range of different types, fabrics, colours and patterns maybe you need to explore this accessory a bit more.

Our recommendation would be to look at ties that complement the colour and pattern of your suit or add a bit of colour but aren’t too much of a standout statement (unless you want them to be)

Another good tip is to try and match the width of your tie with the lapel width on your suit.  


Not a lot of people go for cufflinks on a day-to-day base, the majority save them for special days and formal events such as weddings but we think that they are great accessories for your everyday look as well.

Although they are functional accessories you can also add some flare and personality by choosing ones that fit your style. You can look at different types of metals and designs, and these choices are endless! Have a look and see what suits you basically.

Pocket squares

The perfect way to add colour to your look has got to be the pocket square, used a lot to match a theme or colour plate it’s almost a necessary accessory when it comes to dressing for a wedding, whether you are the groom or guest.

But we would also love to see them more often in day-to-day sartorial style as well.


The ultimate gentleman’s accessory has to be a beautiful watch to match the suit!

Try to match the colour of the strap to your shoes and belt or go for a metal strap to add an element of jewellery.


A well-made and beautiful belt can complete a sartorial outfit, try and avoid anything too flashy sometimes simple is best. A top tip would be to try and match your belt colour to your shoes.


An accessory that people forget about a lot has got to be socks and they are sometimes the most useful piece.

It’s a great way o add a pop of colour – you could match your pocket square which is another way to tie into a colour theme.

It’s also a great way to add a bit more of your personality to a more basic suit.

Sartorial accessories are about making a good outfit great but it’s also good to remember that you don’t want to wear all of them together, pick and choose a few to add to your look. Sometimes more is less.

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