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Saltburn on screen – Unraveling the Fashion Trends in the Latest Smash Hit

Taking place in England during the mid-2000s, the story Saltburn revolves around a university student Oliver Quick who develops an intense fascination with an affluent peer named Felix Catton.

Eventually, he receives an invitation to spend the summer at the opulent estate of this wealthy student’s eccentric family, however things don’t go exactly to plan…

Saltburn delves into themes including obsession, desire, sexuality, identity, wealth, and power and we can’t get enough of it.

As much as we love the storyline and plot of the film, there is one element that can’t go unnoticed… the clothing! In light of this let’s breakdown some of the looks of the movie and premiere.

Felix Catton

Jacob Elordi plays Felix Catton, a tall and good-looking college student from a super-rich family. Even though Felix lives a wild life with drugs and no consequences who has a completely luxurious lifestyle. When Oliver tells him about a family tragedy, Felix invites him to spend the summer at his family’s fancy estate, Saltburn.

Felix Catton in Burberry

Jacob Elordi makes a striking appearance in Saltburn, showcasing an elegant two-piece Burberry suit in a classic black and white ensemble. The suit features bold masculine lines, complete with padded shoulders and a stylish bowtie, exuding a sense of sophistication and class of the noughties.

Oliver Quick

Barry Keoghan is Oliver Quick, a “poor” Oxford student trying to fit in with the rich kids. Bullied for being less well-off, Oliver sees a chance to change things when he befriends Felix. He tells Felix his parents are addicts, and after Felix hears about his father’s supposed death, he invites Oliver to stay with his family but things aren’t as they seem.

Barry Kaeogon in Givenchy

The Irish actor Barry Kaeogon is wearing Givenchy from the latest autumn/winter ’23/’24 collection at the Saltburn premiere, showcasing a more casual look compared to others however still just as striking. Playing a character unfamiliar with the ways of the rich and tidy , the outfit perfectly contrasts Keoghan’s role all though still tailored beautifully.

Jacob Elordi in Burberry

Elordi wore a wool double-breasted brown Burberry suit, complemented by a coordinating brown vest, a crisp white cotton shirt, a sleek black silk tie, and polished black leather derby shoes. The rise of the double breasted suits are back, and we are all for it!

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