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Robert De Niro Sartorial style in casino

The 1996 Martin Scorsese film Casino features some incredible sartorial looks. Amongst them are those worn by Robert De Niro’s character Ace, a resourceful mafia associate.

We have put together a few of our favourite looks, let us know if you agree.

The statement tie is a masterpiece

Having a bold tie often slides in and out of sartorial fashion but at the moment for 2023, they are a must!

Although in the film Niro doesn’t wear ties with all his suits when he does they are bright and bold, so we would recommend having a looking in the more exciting section when picking your next tie and if there isn’t something that tickles your fancy then speak to your tailor about custom colours and patterns.

Embrace the yellow

So many people shy away from yellow in their wardrobe because it seems too bright but Casino gives so many great looks that incorporate the colour and we think you should give it a go.

You don’t have to stick with pastel yellow because this can wash people out, you could go with a bright or more golden yellow, there are so many options to choose from

Think bold patterns

We are coming out of a trend of sleek mono-colour tailoring but if we take some inspiration from Ace then bold checks and prints might just be the way to go.

But don’t think we want flamboyant, maybe just look at windowpane checks or the prince of Wales they are easy to adopt and commonly used among tailors, but you could look at them in a more interesting colour than grey.

Shirts aren’t always needed

This is a big tip we think you should be taking from Ace’s fashion and that is you don’t always have to wear a button-up shirt under your suit, why not try a roll neck, crew neck piece of knitwear or even a polo shirt for a more casual look.

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