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Regal Elegance: King Felipe VI’s impeccable outfit at Wimbledon 2023

The sun was beating down for this year’s Wimbledon tennis tournament and as always there were some incredibly well-dressed guests in attendance, including HRH King Felipe VI of Spain.

Although the day was mainly about the tennis the monarch got a lot of the spotlight due to his impeccably well-tailored, regal, and tasteful ensemble.

The effortless blend of traditional regal style with modern gentlemanly sophistication is undoubtedly unmatched. “It is very rare to see this level of tailoring, even among the rich” – Derek Guy

The beautiful construction of the suit was just beautiful including the way the collar hugs the neck with the perfect proportion of the lapels (ending halfway from collar to shoulder bone) and how the jacket hung so cleanly.

Another classically flattering tailored element is that the jacket ended halfway from the collar to the floor which gives great proportions and allows the sleeves to hang cleanly.

The contrast to some modern tailoring that you see on celebrities and the red carpets is that they wear short, tight coats with sleeves that are very fitted to the arm which means they often ride up.

The monarch’s trousers are also very well cut with the coat lines flowing into the trousers making it a perfectly coherent suit.

Whilst a lot of guys currently opt for slim-fitting trousers even if they don’t have a slim upper body which can make the wearer look very out of proportion. Whilst Kings Felipe’s hang very smoothly.

The cut on the monarch’s jacket is also slightly extended across the chest giving it some roundness on the upper half and giving the illusion of an athletic figure.

This is when you know you are in the hands of an excellent tailor as they can make you look your best self.

You can also tell this through the lapel roll of his jacket, where it has been molded through pad stitching and hand ironing into the canvas to create a spring-like roll where the lapel folds over.

Whilst a lot of tailoring especially off the rack and on the high street is very flat in comparison.

All in all the menswear community is in love with King Felipe’s beautiful suits, it shows us even more how much going bespoke makes a difference and we definitely will be taking style and outfit inspiration from him.  

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