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Preparing for eventing season – The dinner suit and more

Now things are opening up we’ve put together our top picks for formal occasions such as dinners, weddings and work events. Have a read and find a style that would suit you. I think we have all definitely missed dressing up and putting peacocking over the past year!

Dinner suit

The most classic look for an eventing season has always been and will always be the dinner suit. Invented by one of our own, Henry Poole of Savile row in 1886, it bridges the divide between the everyday suit and the full tails and top hats. 

The suit has a few rules to stick to: Ensure it is a dinner suit by definition which includes: satin trims, shawl or peak lapels, jetted pockets, single breasted with only one button (double breasted 6/2 to button) and a centre back vent or no vent.

Morning dress

Also known as formal dress the jackets are always known as a morning coat. This dress code is often worn at weddings, funerals, formal memorial events and most notably in the Royal enclosure at Ascot.

The dress code for men is either a black or grey matt morning coat, single breasted with peak lapels and curved front edges ending in tails.

Trousers are to be grey or grey with black stripes; white shirt with a turn down collar, double cuffs and cuff links; waistcoat can be single or double breasted (normally grey or duck egg blue and must be worn fully buttoned); silk ties are preferred to cravats; highly polished lace-up oxfords shoes, matched with a grey or black top hat.

Black tie / Tuxedo

Traditionally a black dinner jacket with matching trousers,  some like to also opt for a waistcoat or cummerbund. The black tie should be paired with a white formal dress shirt, black bow tie or long black tie, matching black dress socks and shoes.

This dress code is often requested at weddings as it allows for formality and cohesion amongst the guests, perfect for the photography.

If you are interested in getting a new suit for any formal event, get in contact with one of our tailoring consultants who can help you find something you love that also fits the dress code.

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