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To the uninitiated, the shape of a suit jacket’s lapels may seem like a trivial detail. In reality, however, lapels play a vital role in defining a suit’s aesthetic and function. As such, when you are having a bespoke suit made, it is crucial to select the right style of lapel. Luckily, here at Fielding and Nicholson, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive understanding of suits. We don’t just know how to tailor them; we also understand the customs and aesthetic philosophies around them.

We even recognise the significance of lapel styles, which is why we’d like to dedicate this blog entry to helping you pick the perfect one for your next outfit. You have three options at your disposal: notch lapels, peak lapels and shawl lapels. Each gives your suit a different look and is suitable for different occasions. Notch lapels are the most common. They are simple, versatile and functional.

A suit with notch lapels can be worn almost anywhere, from the office to luxurious galas. Notch lapels lend your suit an uncomplicated, professional air. If you’re a busy executive who needs a reliable, all-purpose suit for every occasion, we recommend opting for notch lapels.
Peak lapels, in contrast, are far more exclusive and formal. They are usually incorporated into suits that will be worn at very important functions. These occasions can be personal (such as weddings) or corporate (such as major executive meetings). The sharp, angular appearance of these lapels enables them to project a sense of undeniable power and confidence. If you are instrumental in running a company and need a suit that says “I’m the boss”, we think peak lapels would suit you perfectly. You may also wish to consider them if you are having a bespoke suit made for a specific important occasion.

Finally, shawl lapels have a playful, rounded appearance. They are traditionally used on suits that will be worn in the evening to attend fun, high-end occasions, such as galas, dances and (occasionally) award ceremonies. If you need a suit that enables you to look elegant and classy while having a good time, we suggest incorporating shawl lapels into its design.Lapels are one of the most deceptively important aspects of a suit. Luckily, we can create whichever style you need. Wherever you plan on wearing your suit, all you need to do is pick the perfect lapel: we can tailor it for you.

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