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“Our top tips on how to look your best on video calls”

Zoom and video call meetings are still new to many of us.  Here is our best advice on how to look good, feel good and maintain the right professional appearance.

Remember your colleagues can only see what you show them so making sure everything looks good is easy.

Look at the camera

Being able to see yourself in the corner of your screen can be a huge distraction.  But if your attention keeps drifting to that little square box – then you aren’t looking at the other speakers

Try not to look off camera and if you can, forget about yourself.  In real, face to face meetings you would be engaged with the speaker.  Give the same level of attention when you’re meeting online.

Good lighting and sound

Aim to place yourself where there is good lighting.  A nice bright room is best or ideally in daylight as it has a more natural glow.

Try not to sit directly under an overhead light, that will never be anyone’s best angle.  Avoid sitting directly in front of a window, on a bright day you will just look like a white shape to your colleagues

If you are able to use a larger room it will give depth which looks better on camera than a shallow space.

Make sure you are somewhere where it is quiet, you aren’t going to be interrupted and preferably somewhere were your colleges can’t hear everything going on in your home, 

What to wear

We think your best option is a smart casual outfit.  You obviously won’t be wearing your office suit, but a good pair of jeans and chinos with a polo or great piece of knitwear is a good start.

Try and look professional but comfortable.


Consider what will be visible with your camera and what you might not want the whole world to see.

Try and have things that you would only see in an office in the background.  It gives a good impression that you are working hard even though you are at home.

Do what you can  

With the fact that we are working from home and video calls are now our ‘go to’, it is more important than ever to remember what our limits on working are.

You wouldn’t usually be checking emails during meetings and still doing other pieces of work, so why do it now?  Try to avoid any pressure to do too much and maintain a sensible work-life balance.  Take breaks, go outside, make sure you have down time.  Working from home can be very positive and productive but too much working time is unsustainable!

Let us know what you think about your working from home set up

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