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Our top picks for Dinner suits 2022

Black tie is back and dinner suits are top picks for this year’s events, including weddings, functions and award shows.

Now if the dress code says black tie, an easy rule to remember is that you can only wear a suit that has some form of satin on and that’s a dinner jacket or a tuxedo.

The satin is usually on the lapels but can also be on the buttons and pockets.

Here are a few of our favourites from this year so far…

White and cream

Just make sure you don’t drop anything down it and you will be fine in a white or cream dinner suit. Miles Teller recently wore one from Celine to the Top Gun premier at Cannes and it was excellent.

 Paired with a black bow tie to add some contrast he really rocked the red carpet.

All though not appropriate for all occasions this would look amazing if you are the groom at a wedding or where going to a “white themed party” or summer wedding abroad.


If you are heading to a very formal event than a velvet dinner suit would be perfect, we would generally recommend going for a darker colored velvet such as forest green or navy which goes more with the formal theme.

This Dark green one Matthew McConaughey wore to the gold globes is a perfect example, there is personality from the colour but is still extremally formal “to dress code”.


Another simple way to tackle the dinner suit is just go classically traditional with black, it is sleek and will always look good. It’s a standard option which will see you through all formal events.

What do you think about dinner suits, tuxedos and formal dress codes?

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