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Our favourite winter suit fabrics

Thinking about a new winter suit?  Have a read and find out about suitable fabric for the British winter come rain, wind or snow.


Wool is still the most popular fabric for men’s suiting due to its ability to drape elegantly over the body whilst maintaining its form and overall look.

The versatility of wool is also an outstanding feature with the huge range of choice not just in colour but in weave, it is able to be spun loose and breathable as well as tight and warm deepening on what style of suit and what climate you shall be wearing it in. For the British winter though we recommend a tightly spun wool which will keep you warm and in some fabrics dry.

If you are new to choosing fabric and are looking for a winter suit then wool is a great place to start as there is a huge variety of colours and styles that your tailor can help narrow down for you depending on your criteria.


A luxurious fabric, cashmere is known for its extremally soft texture, comfort and warmth.

Even though it has all the characteristics of a suit that will keep you warm in winter, there is a lack of durability and it has one of the higher price tags for suiting. But the alternative to this is opting for a blending cashmere fabric, this could be with cotton or polyester. This kind of fabric will last much longer than 100% cashmere and brings the cost down.

If you do opt for a cashmere suit whether that’s 100% or a blend, make sure you store it well as moths can chew very expensive holes in them.  


Another timeless suit fabric that will always be a favourite to the tailor is tweed, steeped in tradition from weavers to country pursuits it’s a truly British fabric designed and woven for the British elements.

Tweed can be a huge range of colours due to it being woven by combining three different coloured yarns and twisting them together which is called twilled.  This is why there is always a mottled effect on the fabric.

Tweed is a thick fabric that keeps you warm as well as it being water-resistant and very durable (it should last you a lifetime) this is why we use it in a lot of traditional outdoor sports including hunting and why it is traditionally made in the remote very cold parts of Scotland, for example, Harris Tweed.


Our favourite winter fabric at the moment which is a trend in menswear and tailoring for AW21 is flannel.  

Flannel fabric was specifically designed and woven for colder climates making it perfect for our winters. The great thing about a flannel suit is that although it’s designed for harsh cold weather it’s actually a very lightweight fabric making it perfect for a business suit and the office.

Flannel suits are also often not found on Highstreet racks because the fabric can be more expensive than your average suiting, but your bespoke tailor will have some great options.

Having a flannel suit in your winter wardrobe we think is definitely a must-have.


A very similar fabric to tweed with it being heavy, warm and durable, with history in traditional British tailoring.

Its distinctive zig-zag pattern is a great addition to your wardrobe, due to it giving an illusion of depth to the fabric which often suits men on the slimmer side who are looking for a suit.

If you are interested in investing in a winter suit to see you through our harsh British weather get In contact with one of our tailoring consultants who will be able to guide you through the process.  

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