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Our favourite summer shirts

With our hopes on another heatwave to see out the end of the summer, we look at our favourite summer shirts that keep you cool and looking great

The Cuban collar

You may think it was a fleeting fashion trend back in the day but the Cuban collar is back as a summer staple. With its laid back vibe and versatility, it’s a great addition to your wardrobe. It’s the ultimate casual shirt great for holidays, afternoons in the park and evenings in the pub. The retro vibe the Cuban gives paired with straight leg trousers and sneakers is a great look.

The linen shirt

An obvious choice for a summer shirt, linen in short and long sleeve is the greatest choice to keep you cool and not looking too hot and bothered.

Many people misunderstand the fabric and shy away from it due to it being known for creasing, but that is a characteristic you should embrace.

Linen is definitely a casual fabric, pairing it with chinos and sandals is a really well put together outfit for your hot holidays and beach days.

Light coloured polos

When you want a slight upgrade from your normal basic T-shirt a polo shirt is just that extra level up. Neutrals are always a good choice but in the summer why not try pastels and light coloured tones like a pale brown.

Its riviera dressing with Mediterranean feeling, willing for the hot weather and a cocktail on the beach.

Try and make the polo shirt the centre of the outfit by wearing it as a POP of colour.

Printed shirts

Maybe not for the UK but a printed cotton shirt could be great for your holiday abroad.

A vibrant print is a great way to spice up your style and make a statement that you aren’t in the office anymore. Botanicals, beach prints and vertical stripes are all great options.

Oxford cloth button down

The OCBD is good all year round but in the summer it’s a great alternative to use as an overshirt rather than your thick winter ones. It can just be used instead of a light jacket and help keep the sun off your arms and neck.

You could try other colours rather than just your basic white as well.

Let us know what your favourite summer shirt is!

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