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Our favourite shirts for this summer

With summer back on this year and events to go to, SS22 shirting has announced itself with a bang. We have had a look at the top picks for this summer varying from practical, layering and bold styles.

Basics are a must

Everyone who loves or enjoys clothes must have the basic shirts down to start with and that’s your white cotton T-shirts and poplin shirts. Both are perfect for all dress codes depending on how you style them and they give you a clean slate for all your outfits.

Even though they may be basics they will always be important.

The Polo shirt

We have previously written about the versatility and style of the humble polo shirt, but you really must give credit to the style as it is one of the few shirts that truly cross over between casual and formal dress codes with ease.

With this style, It is also important to have your basic colour but it’s also a great shirt to play around with. For example colour, sleeve length, collar shape and construction eg. Zipped or buttons.

Linen Button-down

With its lightweight and breathable characteristics, a tailored linen shirt is just a must-have in the summer, even though in the UK it might not be hot enough to wear It all the time it is a great piece to put in your suitcases when jetting off on holiday.

When going for a linen shirt we would always advise going for a classic shape and style, button-up with button-down collar and cuffs and a chest pocket.

And we would also advise going for neutral tones such as grey, blue, white and beige. These colours help to keep you cool as well as reflect the traditional style of a linen shirt.

Cotton- Short sleeve

With trends heading to more boxy oversized shapes this summer we really love a short-sleeve button-down shirt, with its relaxed fit it’s easy to pair with more relaxed shape trousers as well as your staples like jeans and chinos.

This style is really easy to build an outfit around, you can also go for plain and simple, bold or patterned depending on your preferences.

The brand Portuguese flannel has an excellent selection.

If you are interested in bespoke summer shirts, get in touch with one of our tailoring consultants and they will guide you through the process and options.

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