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Our favourite looks from Chris Evans

Best known for his roles in the Marvel Films, playing Captain America  Chris Evans has adorned many great suits.

We have had a look at some of his great looks off the screen and come up with a few of  our favourite

Firstly we have definitely spoken about this outfit before in maybe more than one journal entry because we just love it!

This powdery blue velvet tux is majestic, paired with a white shirt, black accessories and black tailored trousers, you just can’t get better than that for a red carpet look.

This is definitely one of our top ten red carpet sartorial moments, and we would recommend taking inspiration from it.

Sometimes a simple button-down is what you need.

A casual relaxed outfit with jeans and a flannel shirt, although simple can sometimes be the most effective. If you are comfortable in the clothes you are wearing then you are more relaxed in whatever situation you walk into.

This look is definitely one to have in your repertoire.

We do love a double-breasted piece!

This classic and vintage formal looking suit was perfect for the knives out premier.

Simple yet elegant with the pop of traditional school boy from the tie makes this look classic. Perfect inspiration for a summer wedding with the cream colour.

We really love this, not too flashy and just enough class and style to be noticed on the red or should we say purple carpet.  

The holiday style

We rave a lot about how a blazer can make an outfit and this is a great example of that.

Simple chinos and a striped T-shirt is a great outfit in itself but add the navy blazer and he has instantly made it a smart casual look which can be worn to many more occasions and different dress codes.

Let us know what your favourite Chris Evans outfit is…   

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