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Our favourite 007 Looks from across the films

With the release of No Time to Die, we thought we would have a look back at some of our favourite looks worn by 007 across all the films, here are our top 5

Sean Connery – Blue terry one-piece romper    (Goldfinger)

Although maybe not the most fashionable moment 007 has given us but definitely one of the most iconic. The thigh-high baby blue one-piece has got to be the most casual outfit we see in any of the films but it still has its style merits.

Let us know your opinion on this iconic 007 outfit.

Daniel Craigs – Beige corduroy suit in      (No time to die)

This unstructured two-piece needle cord suit is from the Italian designer, Massimo Alba. It has the best fit in our opinion to other Daniel Craig’s 007 suits. The costume director paired it with a cornflower blue button-down shirt and maroon tie.

We think this is a suit which is easily translated into any well-dressed man’s wardrobe, especially for a smart casual suit, great for a wedding guest.

Pierce Brosnan’s – Cuban blue shirt     (Die another day)

A very casual look from 007, Brosnan wore this deep blue linen shirt with a light blue floral design to the perfect place, a beach bar in Havana. Although we don’t always see 007 out of his suits, he is a great spy because he knows how to dress appropriately for his surroundings

Roger Moore – Navy Paletot     (live and let die)

The Paletot is such a classic style of overcoat, this specific one from the film is finished in navy cashmere with a matching velvet collar. This look is smart and professional, which we associate with 007.

If you are thinking about an overcoat this winter we recommend taking some inspiration from this great piece of 007 style history

Sean Connery – ivory dinner jacket – (Goldfinger)

This might be one of the most iconic looks given to us by Bond, which most definitely has stood the test of time. This warm-weather black tie look is most likely made from a lightweight wool fabric. The peaked lapels are unlike a black dinner jacket or tuxedo making it stand out.

This jacket is a knockout even before you mention the red carnation in his buttonhole!

Let us know what your favourite 007 look is from over the years

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