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Our casual range with Borélio

An independent clothing manufacture, Borélio has had a focus in made to measure and some ready to wear pieces for more than 20 years, including trousers, jeans, Soft tailored jackets and knitwear.

Borélio is a family business,  founded in 1930 and now owned by the founders grandson. Their workshop, originally in Belgium, moved to Romania in the 1990’s but remains a tight knit family unit

“Borélio, with all its fabrics, styles and products, is a chameleon in the customised clothing business” (Borélio)

With fabric from the world’s finest mills, Borélio creates their speciality cotton trousers as well as unconstructed soft light weight jackets and premium knitwear.


With extensive experience in customised denim, piece dyed cotton and pre-washed cotton trousers,  Borélio brings us classic chinos, Bermuda’s and many more styles which really add to any man’s casual wardrobe.


To complement their high quality trousers, Borélio also make unconstructed soft jackets from the same fabrics, resulting in great casual looks, making the possibilities endless.

Borélio also produce other jackets styles, including safari and work wear which are available in a wide range of fabric.

Premium Knitwear

Borélio pride themselves on creating products that no other supplier can and doing things just a little bit differently to the rest of the menswear world.

With a wide range of V-necks, Crew necks, Cardigans, Turtlenecks, Waistcoats etc. there are some exceptional pieces to choose from, all available in a wide range of beautiful yarns.

Fielding & Nicholson with Borélio

We have recently invested in our own casual wear range, co-branding with Borélio to bring you a selection of high quality items that will fit in to your wardrobe perfectly.

If you are interested in pieces to add to your casual wardrobe please get in contact and book an appointment with one of our Tailors.

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