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New year, New wardrobe?

Many of us have the same new year’s resolution and that is to de-clutter our wardrobes, so we have put together a  few helpful tips and guidance on de-cluttering and making sure you have space for those key and favorite pieces in your wardrobe.

The 1st step is to identify relics from another age (pieces that you might have worn continuously 10-20 years ago but haven’t touched since then) now ask yourself a hard question, do you still need it? Some items might have sentimental value but others can go.

2nd Filter things your wear all the time such as your basics (T-shirt, jumpers, jeans, work suit, etc.) and put these back in your wardrobe.

Next is to look at the things that maybe don’t quite fit anymore, if they are totally not right then it’s time for them to move on but if you think once they fit you better you will definitely wear them then maybe look at alteration.

We do alterations for many of our clients because we don’t all stay the same shape forever.

Alterations are also sustainable options.

You then need to move on to specialist pieces that you don’t wear all the time but want to keep, for example, your Tuxedo or smart blazers.

You should be left with a pile of things that you just don’t wear or fit anymore. This is then time to decide what to do with these, we hope that a majority of them will go to charity to be re-sold and re-loved.

We support a charity called Suits for Success which takes suits and makes them available for unemployed people to wear to interviews, so they can make a positive first impression and help them get a job that could change their life.

 If the clothes are too worn and old to go to charity then the sustainable options would be to turn them into rags to use for cleaning or odd jobs.  

We know this can sometimes be a daunting task but think once you’ve cleared out all the old stuff you will have some space for new pieces such as a bespoke suit

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