Need a Christmas Party outfit?

Are you ready for your 2022 work Christmas party or do you still have no idea what you are going to wear?

Here are a few tips on what to wear depending on the location and occasion.

Black tie dinner      

I think the hint is in the title, you need to dust off your tux and bow tie for this one.

It’s a fully formal dinner that deserves an excellent outfit.

Now classically your Tux would be black (maybe velvet) paired with a black bow tie but there are other options if you are open to them.

What about a red, burgundy, or Navy velvet Tux?

Now, these are a must to be paired with black trousers and black dress shoes.

If you want to know more about black tie Dos and Don’ts have a read Here

Canapes and drinks

Canapés and drinks are still on the formal side of Christmas parties so you do still need to dress up and put the effort in.

Our advice would be to go for smart casual – smart trousers and shirt or smart trousers and a quality knitwear piece like a crew neck over your shirt. Look like you are still going to work but with a slightly more comfortable look.

Have a read here to find out more Here

Swanky bar

For us I think drinks out at a bar would also come under the same dress code as Canapes and drinks as you need to look well put together and smart but you are still at a party after all. Dress up but not too much is the rule here and maybe avoid the suit.

Pub and club

Christmas parties really do range from formal to informal and if your office is just going to go to the pub for a few pints and then keep going late into the night then casual and comfortable is the way to go. Look good and feel confident but confrontable at the same time and don’t forget your coat because it is cold!

Let us know what your Christmas party plans are and what you’ll be wearing…

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