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Menswear trends to leave behind in 2022

Trends are always coming and going, being revitalized by different generations, but we’ve picked a few menswear trends we would be more than happy to leave behind and not see come back…

Firstly the mullet, we thought this was definitely a thing of the past till covid lockdown brought this haircut back with a bang, but can we please say it’s time for it to go now?

Try and stick to one haircut at a time, long or short we don’t need this horrific hybrid – but that’s just our opinion.

We were pleased when the skinny jeans era came to an end but let’s try not to bring these back. Let’s be honest they don’t look good, they cut off circulation to your whole leg and everything looks a bit too snug!

You don’t have to opt for baggy jeans there are styles that are comfortable in the middle and are super stylish.

The best way to find the perfect fitting pair of jeans is to actually go bespoke, and talk to your tailor about a bespoke casual wardrobe.

Socks and slides were a thing of lockdown, ease, and comfort but they should not be seen outside your house, and socks were never designed for this much exposure, they should be hidden away in a nice pair of shoes, especially if they are white and a bit dirty!

If it’s hot weather either opt for sandals or a light pair of trainers, we don’t need this mixture of styles.

This one is extra close to our heart and that is the age of Tight-fitting tailoring (muscle fit), this might suit some people but we believe that tailoring should fit you beautifully and not cut off your circulation!

You should look and feel great in a suit and you definitely can’t do that if every time you sit down you are scared the trousers might rip.

So let’s hope these skin-tight suits where you can see the outline of the pocket bags are a thing of the past.

Let us know your top menswear trend you hope will never come back…

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