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Men’s trending short styles for the summer

Summer is upon us so it’s time to bring out the shorts! An essentials in everyman’s wardrobe even if you do only wear them for a couple of months a year here in the UK.

But shorts for the summer are about staying fashionable and comfortable in the heat and if you wear them right you can style them for almost any occasion.

Tailored shorts

Now shorts still aren’t appropriate for the office but tailored smart shorts are becoming more common at things like weddings. For example, at weddings abroad,  on the beach, or at a coastal party, paired with smart shorts and a jacket you can really look good.

This is definitely not for everyone but if you can pull it off on the correct occasion then it can look really good.

Athletic shorts

Becoming ever more popular athleisure wear is taking over our casual wardrobes with gym gear being not just for the gym anymore.

It’s now very common to see guys out and about in sports shorts and it’s one of the summer’s biggest trends.

This is definitely only for casual days though, lunch, coffee, or a walk at the weekend. Definitely don’t start wearing them every day.

Denim shorts

These are starting to become unpopular but they still look good. It’s a great alternative to your basic casual jeans when the weather gets hot.

Don’t get rid of them if you don’t see people in them as often because denim always comes back around

Linen/ cotton shorts

Linen and cotton chino-style shorts are our go-to. You can get them in a whole range of colours and they do just go with everything. From a sports blazer to a simple white T-shirt. These should be your go-to shorts this summer and maybe make sure you have a few different colors in your arsenal.

We know we don’t often vouch for sorts but they are a very important part of our summer wardrobes so you do have to think about what you are getting. Let us know if you’ve got other options we have missed.

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