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Men’s Easter weekend outfits

Along with unpredictable weather you could be in many situations over the bank holiday weekend” having the full family round for a big lunch, just heading to the pub, going to see friends and family or maybe you are just going to chill out and enjoy your time off work.

We have had a think about some great basic outfits for all situations you might find yourself in this bank holiday weekend.

Jeans and a Tee

A classic combination that is very hard to get wrong. Jeans paired with any kind of T-shirt whether that’s long sleeve, short sleeve or polo is a casual look that is perfect for a multitude of occasions. If you are heading round to see family or friends maybe opt for the polo as it adds smart casual to your look, whilst a basic tee is perfect for your own house or a Sunday walk to the pub.  


Pastels are a great springtime colour, whether that’s in a full suit for a smart easter event or just in your shirts, blazer or socks it’s a colour to add to your look this weekend, just try not to match the easter eggs and decorations.

Layers – light knitwear

Now knowing the British weather it’s likely to rain or be overcast at some point over the weekend so make sure you have a layered outfit. Spring is the perfect time to wear your thinner pieces of knitwear which can add a layer of warmth when needed but still goes really well with your outfit.

Maybe pair it with jeans and a polo shirt, or a knitted sweater vest.

Chinos and casual trousers

If you aren’t feeling jeans maybe look at some chinos or a pair of more casual tailored trousers such as a pleated style. Softer cotton would be good and will pair with a variety of tops and jumpers.

Fingers crossed the sun shines through and allows us to get some vitamin D

The team here at Fielding & Nicholson wishes you a great easter and a fun bank holiday weekend!

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