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Matching your tie to your suit

Do you ever struggle when picking out ties, especially after a few years without wearing one due to the lockdown?  

We’ve come up with a few tips you might have forgotten when it comes to this basic accessory.


The basic most important rule when it comes to picking your tie is to think about colour and that the tie should be darker than your shirt. This is to make sure it stands out and make sure it looks like you have put effort into your outfit. The tie is often there to be the pop of colour that is the focal point in the suit.

On the other hand, if you want to match it to your suit that’s a little trickier, our best tip is to try and make sure the tie and suit are on the same vibrancy and tone.

And if you don’t want it to be the focal point for example you want your shirt to stand out the most you’ve got to go for a tonal tie, such as a navy suit with a navy tie.


The top tip with pattern is to not go overboard for example, if you are wearing a striped shirt go for a plain tie and vice versa.

This goes to say with things like if you have a pinstripe suit wear a plain or a stipe shirt, don’t pick out a checked or patterned shirt.


This is a personal choice when it comes to what size tie you like to wear, but if our clients ask we like to say if your suit is a slim fit or trimly tailored go for a slimmer tie, but if it’s styled wide or is double breasted go for something with a bit more width. But make sure you don’t go overboard and turn back the clocks to the 80s.


The texture is important in an outfit so mix and match until you find fabrics that work for you. There are silk, linen, knitted, textured cotton and wool to choose from so have a look around and find what’s right for you.

Let us know if you need any advice, our tailoring consultants are always on hand to help make sure you feel and look great.

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