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Make a statement with socks

Socks may be a small part of your outfit but they can make a real impact to your look, bring a new level of detail and add a flash of personality.

Blogs like “The Sockateur” are obsessed with how socks can elevate your look.

Here’s some of our ideas on socks.

There is a big difference between well-chosen classic socks, bold socks and novelty socks

Choose a bold sock that attracts attention but doesn’t look tacky.

In our opinion novelty socks have no place in a gentleman’s wardrobe.

We aren’t saying choose bold prints all the time.  Solid colours remain the ‘go to’ classic or  a basic colour like grey with a subtle stripe all tone well with your suit

Then on days when you want to make a bolder statement bring out the print or bright solid colour.

A subtle hint of colour

Not sure where to start when choosing socks?  Have a look at what else you’re wearing, for example your tie.

If you can match at least one colour in your tie, your socks will make a statement but still link in with the rest of your outfit.


Theming colours is a good start.

The first step is to match your socks to the colour of your suit.  Make your colour choice and align with a simple professional pattern, like an Argyle. 

Grey suit – grey and blue argyle for example


We definitely recommend taking some time to think about how socks can impact your outfit on your wedding day.

You could match your wedding theme – orange flowers, orange tie and orange socks? Or coordinate the groomsmen’s socks which looks great in wedding photos.

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