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Lessons to learn when dressing for the summer

There are a lot of good and bad summer outfits out there but here are a few of the lessons we’ve learnt over the years when it comes to dressing for the heat.

Lightweight linens

Shirts are a year in year out staple but the linen kind only comes out for the summer.

Linen is a natural fibre that is breathable lightweight and just perfectly designed by nature for warm weather.  It allows your skin to breathe even on the hottest day, because who wants to be wearing a close-fitting man-made shirt when dealing with the height of summer.

Linen isn’t just tied to shirts, you can get shorts, trousers, suits and jackets. Breathability is key.

Black isn’t always bad

Summer clothing is full of beautiful colours, neutral stripes and patterns. Not surprisingly most people avoid black, infamous for its heat absorption people normally tend to stay away from dark colours.

The problem is that black really is one of the only classically sophisticated colours out there and if you leave it In winter you might struggle when it comes to needing a more sophisticated professional outfit.

So maybe a black polo shirt or black shorts isn’t such a bad idea when it comes to summer and holiday looks, especially in the evenings or at late-night events. Black is definitely back on the summer radar

Casual can be sophisticated

Summer isn’t always about looking smart and well put together, an easy summer casual outfit for the weekend has to be basic shorts, a plaint-shirt, a baseball cap and trainers. You still look good with good taste but sometimes not trying hard in the summer is the best option, no fuss means no overheating.

Whites will never go out of style

White is never going to leave the summer wardrobe, shirts, T-shirts and even shorts are just easy summer staples that you know will keep you cool even if it is a man-made fibre because it has reflective properties which reflect’s the sun’s rays.

Everyman should have some white summer shirts preferably linen that they can just throw on and will go with practically everything they own.

Let us know what your top summer tip is when dressing for those warmer months.

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