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Layering pieces you need this winter

when autumn begins and the weather starts to turn our wardrobe options seem to double and that is due to layering, which is a great way to stay warm and look extremally well-dressed through the colder months.

Whether that’s layering, coats, jumpers, knitwear or shirts, here is a quick guide to some must-have pieces for layering through autumn/winter 2022.

Macs are back

During transitional months we get a lot of rain and a waterproof mac is a perfect coat for this season due to its layering abilities.

Waterproofed cotton is the best option when it comes to fabric and the length is up to you, but a personal choice in length is below the hip but above the knee, which is just perfect for autumn.

Easy to layer your suit or jeans and a jumper underneath and it also straddles the smart casual border so can literally be worn with anything.  

The roll neck

In the top tier of layering pieces to have in your wardrobe, the roll neck is one of the best.

The higher neck pops out of the shirt, jacket and coats to create elevation and interest. Is a modern aesthetic which can be manipulated to match anyone’s style whether that’s colour, type of knit or how it’s worn.  

If we say you should have any key layering pieces it would have to be at least 1 roll neck jumper.

Wool overcoats

A classic in every gentleman’s wardrobe has got to be the overcoat, perfect for all outfits including casual and formal.

These pieces should last you a lifetime and should 100% be an investment piece which you can bring out year after year.

It’s great for just throwing over any outfit in the cold, maybe add a scarf to add a bit of romance to the look. It will definitely always hold a special place in all tailor’s hearts.

Heavyweight overshirt

We are massive fans of casual wardrobe overshirts and when it comes to winter you have got to be looking at the heavier weights of wool and cotton.

It’s just so easy to add to any casual look and create a layer of warmth and style. It really adds depth to the outfit. You can also make it the key piece in the look or just a basic.

Let us know what your favourite winter layering piece in your wardrobe is?

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