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Know your winter suit fabrics

We love those stand out options for summer suiting such as linen and light weight cotton, but they definitely won’t see you though the cold wet months of a British winter. You’ll have to flick through a different swatch book to find our top choices for winter suiting to keep you comfortable, warm and stylish 


Flannel is an understated suiting but we think it’s the perfect transitioning cloth for autumn and winter.

A type of worsted wool cloth, the characteristic of flannel depend on whether it has been brushed to create extra softness or left un-brushed. The texture brings interest to any outfit. Flannel also give a slight casual air allowing you to mix it up and wear your suit as separates or layered pieces. A chalk pin stripe flannel is a real classic look.




Heavy and ridged, corduroy is perfect for  keeping you warm during those winter month with the added perk that it doesn’t crease.

It may not be something that you’ve ever thought of before but it really can be the perfect seasonal suit. The model and influencer Richard Biedul says “ A corduroy suit should channel the  suaveness of a seventies gigolo rather than geekiness of a geography teacher”

To achieve such a style goal  you will need to pay attention to cut and colour of the fabric. Be brave and adopt the vintage aesthetic but make it modern for your style.

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This traditional winter suiting has a lengthy history in men’s tailoring.

Tweed is a simple and natural take on a wool suit with an open weave and weather resistant qualities. One of the top options for your winter suit, especially if you will be spending anytime in the country or great outdoors maybe even partaking in a shoot this season.

Keep your colour choices traditional with wonderful autumnal colours such as  browns and greens.



Cotton twill

A breathable thick fabric, twill is a comfortable autumnal option.

Twill has a strong singular stepped weave and parallel diagonal ribs giving it a pattern and is available in a wide range of colour choice to satisfy your autumnal aesthetics. A high-quality cotton twill suit is lightweight but still offers protection from the elements.

This makes it a great choice for an elegant and sleek silhouette but retains a reassuring warmth and comfort.




A luxury fabric that will keep you warm though the winter months, cashmere gives you pure comfort. Try a cashmere blend which will make the suit more durable but still keep the qualities you look for in the cloth.

As a natural fibre, you can expect a cashmere suit to insulate you from the chill and keep you consistently warm.  Be sure to store you suit correctly as cashmere attracts moths who can chew expensive holes on your suit quicker than you will be able to wear it.




The most expensive suit fabric, the cloth comes from the fine chest hairs of the Vicuna, a lama like creature native to south America. The fibres are even finer than cashmere which interlock, trap air and give the fabric a sleek smooth feel whilst being ultra-insulating.

A vicuna suit is an investment, but is the greatest winter weather suiting available.


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