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key knitwear pieces you need in your wardrobe this summer

You might not think you need knitwear during the warm summer months but we have picked out a few that we think suit the hotter climate and look effortlessly cool.

Firstly the knitted polo, we talk about these a lot but they are just so stylish and easy to wear.

It’s a great alternative to sticking to your plain T-shirt all the time and adds a bit of interest to your look. They are simple, versatile, and look refined.

It’s easy to wear as you can just swap it out for your T-shirt or you can go for an interesting pattern and make it the outfit’s focal point. Perfect for dates, night outs, or smart casual occasions.

Knitted jackets aren’t for everyone but if you can pull one off you will look great all summer. These are chunky mesh knits that will give depth to your outfit from the layering but won’t overheat you as the loose-knit will allow air to flow and can be easily worn over a T-shirt with no problem.

When wearing it we would recommend treating it like an overshirt as a throw-on piece that adds to the outfit, you can wear it done up or not depending on the temperature and what you are styling it with.

Short sleeve shirts are also a knitted option, classic and stylish you really can’t go wrong with this choice it give very 007 and riviera vibes which just looks great in the sun drinking a nice beer or glass of wine.

Once again very easy to style, you just swap out your normal shirt for one of these and if you style it right you can wear it to all sorts of occasions.  

Now this one might not be for everyone but a knitted tank top. We don’t recommend just wearing it by itself but layered with an open short sleeve shirt or over shirt and a well cut pair of trouser or shorts it’s a nice sleek hot weather look. Let us know what you think about this one.

Bet you didn’t think much when we said knitwear for summer but we think we might have changed your mind but just a reminder most of these are either weekend casual or smart casual, maybe don’t turn up to the office in this on your first day.  

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