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Is the suit dead?

We may have been spending our time at home lately in lounge wear and board shorts but the suit is most definitely not dead! We just need to dust it down and bring it out from the back of the wardrobe.  

The suit is classic gentleman’s attire. Don’t leave it just for special occasions.  Make the effort for the little things and dress to the nines more often. Go out for dinner in a three-piece suit and feel confident and strong. 

Ideal for a changing world

The COVID-19 shutdown has brought with it many dramatic changes.  What’s a typical ‘office day’ if you’re not in the office for example?  We’ve discovered the benefits (and some drawbacks) of home and flexible working arrangements. But just because you don’t need office attire every day doesn’t mean that there is a decline In the suit.  Far from it.  In fact a suit works for every occasion.  With less distinction between working and leisure time the suit can carry you through everything the day brings, perfectly.

The suit is alive and kicking

Why lose your suit when it makes you feel so good?  Formal or informal, wearing a suit makes you feel professional.  A well put together look means confidence in yourself and adds to that everyday enthusiasm for life.  When you feel great, other people see that too.  

It’s not just traditional style or any sense of nostalgia  keeping the suit alive.  Modern designs and contemporary flair are giving it a new lease of life. 

We can give you a modern interpretation on “traditional” with new fabrics, colours and accessories.  Or wear it in a completely casual way with a t-shirt or a relaxed pair of trousers like chinos, maybe even with a fantastic pair of trainers.

A suit says you’re ready for whatever the next six months brings

Don’t leave something so adaptable hung on the back of a chair.  As we head out of our homes again a great suit is a personal statement that you’re ready for the future.  Lockdown may have meant comfort for a few months but we’re back and making that statement with style. 

Whatever the new normal is, your suit will work for any occasion

Contact us now to take a look at our options in the comfort of our luxury Dormeuil showroom.

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