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Investing in a new Blazer

In our youths blazers were a restriction from our schools but as we have grown we realise that they are actually rather sophisticated and a great asset to our wardrobes.

It’s got the smartness of a suit but is also able to mix with more casual pieces like jeans and polo shirts.

Here are a few of our favourite styles

Traditional pinstripe

We think pale coloured pinstripe is a really great look for the coming year as it is transitional across all seasons and adds a bit of interest and design to the look when you pair it with more plain pieces such as jeans or smart trousers.


If you are thinking of something textured that will add depth to your look think about corduroy, velvet, tweeds, or even linen depending on when you want to wear it.

Bold check

What about going with a really bright and bold piece that is the statement of the whole outfit? Think about a bright-coloured bold check.

It’s called power dressing for a reason!!


If you are thinking about being really casual why don’t you look at brands like Carhartt as they do blazer shapes but in a street style, everyday styles in classic fabrics like cotton twill and waterproofed waxed cotton.

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