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I hate to start on a bad note, but alas, the warmer months will soon be behind us. With another summers’ promise slipping away, we must look at evolving our wardrobes to once again combat the bitter mornings and windy days. Our light wool suits and oh-so Italian linens will no longer do the trick. But don’t despair! We’re more than used to the chill, and have our faithful heavyweight cloths to look to once more – today specifically; Flannel.

The humble flannel is not just useful for dousing your face with hot water in the mornings(!) it is also a great ‘go to’ for protecting yourself against the chill. A flannel can start at a cool 10oz, so is perfect for the autumn months, and a thicker 14oz will keep you cozy in the harshest of British winters.

So how do you utilize the power of the flannel? Well, the favorite colour amongst businessmen and women at work has been a simple blue or grey for many decades, and lucky for you– a flannel looks great in both! A simple navy or grey flannel suit will still stand out amongst a sea of standard navy and grey wool suits. How? Being thicker than your typical suiting fabric means they hold their shape a lot better. A peak lapel jacket with a turned up trouser hem will create a simplistic silhouette and with those subtle details your flannel suit will stand out a little against the crowd.

Why stop with a 2 piece? Look to Sean Connerys Bond in Goldfinger, donned in a mid-Grey three piece with a notch lapel and black tie, he looks nothing short of dapper. It’s such a simple timeless look and pair that with the strength and warmth of a flannel and you’ve got yourself a head turner for winter, without even trying.

But does that mean flannel is reserved for the conservative world of the concrete jungle? Of course not! Look to the dark reds, browns and oranges in the trees and follow suit (Excuse the pun). A double-breasted brown jacket breaks away from the norm, giving a nod to the season and letting your individuality shine through – without peacocking. A personal favorite would be a deep forest Green flannel jacket. The brushed textured surface of the flannel paired with the strong silhouette brings a completely unique twist to your casual wardrobe.
But that’s just me! With checks, stripes and every imaginable colour and pattern in the Fielding and Nicholson arsenal, you can personalize your suits style to match you.

Final Thoughts; For Autumn, dark earthy colors will work best. Think rusty browns, salt and pepper greys and for those more casual days, Orange or Green patterns. Use the flannels ability to hold a suits shape to your advantage – opt for a peak lapel to match the strong shoulders, and for the trouser try a Turned up hem to balance out the heavy top half.

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